How to overcome fear

People who face them and rise above them become successful and accomplish their goals.

By   |  Published: 24th May 2021  6:00 pm
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All human beings, from time to time, think about their failure, about danger, about diseases, about misfortune. When this type of feeling gets embedded in their minds in such a manner that it adversely affects their decisions and their actions, it gives rise to what is commonly called fear. Probably everyone in this world has some or the other type of fear.

People who face them and rise above them become successful and accomplish their goals. People who try to run away from them get trapped in them for a much longer time. Fear, if not treated soon leads to phobia and depression.

The question that arises in most people’s minds is how to overcome fear? First of all, take time out to figure out the root of the fear. For some who are flooded with fear and anxiety, it may be difficult so they should at least try to calm themselves up. One of my favourite ways to do the same is to talk about it and share my fears and worries with my friends and family members.

You should also try to develop a little bit of courage. When you develop courage, it becomes easier to face one’s fear. Allow yourself to feel the adversity. Treat it as a challenge for your power and opportunity to become stronger and better.

Fear not only has negative aspects but also has a positive side as it also protects and saves us from danger. Whenever we are doing something wrong it warns us. It also makes us vigilant. So, we can’t avoid feeling it but we can avoid it from accumulating in the mind slowly and gradually.

Suhani Sinha

Class 8 B

Delhi Public School

Mahendra Hills

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