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HyderabadKahaniya Quill, perfect launch pad for writers

Kahaniya Quill, perfect launch pad for writers

Published: 18th Feb 2021 12:41 am

Hyderabad: There are many services – startups across the globe that offer building a product and managing it as a service. These companies take a product idea and the other requirements and they build the product (usually a digital one) and manage it entirely for the client. But, what about a company where the product is a book? Intriguing? Yes, that is exactly what this city-based startup, Kahaniya Quill is all about. They released their first book in January.

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Started by Hyderabadi entrepreneur Pallav Bajjuri, Kahaniya Quill is for those who want to write a book and publish it, as they provide end-to-end services for the same. The idea behind this, interestingly, came up over a phone conversation, as Pallav explains, “I was on a call with a potential investor for my existing startup, Kahaniya, which is a story-telling platform for writers and in that call, he casually mentioned that he always wanted to write a book but didn’t have the time to do so.”

It was then that Pallav felt there’s a gap in the market for this kind of service, where a book is drafted, edited, designed, illustrated, published and also promoted. “There are a lot of people who want to write a book, businessmen, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), entrepreneurs and more. All these people have a very interesting story to tell or a message to share but they definitely don’t have the time to pen down a book nor might they know how to write a book or what to write in a book,” he explains, adding, “A lot goes into writing a book, from structuring it, to ensuring a proper flow, then drafting it in a readable manner. Kahaniya Quill provides all these at one stop.”

But in a space where there are several self-publishing platforms available at the click of a button, what puts this startup apart? The answer to that, according to Pallav, is that the self-publishing platforms only take care of publishing/printing. “Those platforms only take the manuscript, print it and publish it. We provide everything, as we treat the book as a product and we essentially produce the book,” shares Pallav.

They initially plan on releasing one book every quarter this year before scaling up and according to Pallav, the startup also has plans of integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) into the book-production. “There are a lot of activities associated with producing a book and we are now ideating on ways to automate some of them. We will eventually add AI/ML into it to increase efficiency,” Pallav concludes.


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