Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tech'New Jersey Women For Trump' group removed from Facebook

‘New Jersey Women For Trump’ group removed from Facebook

Published: 1st Nov 2020 4:39 pm

Washington: The ‘New Jersey Women For Trump’, a private Facebook group for female supporters of US President Donald Trump with about 29,000 members, has been removed from the social media giant just three days ahead of the presidential election.

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Priscilla Confrey, co-director of New Jersey Women For Trump, said the page was removed on Saturday afternoon, NJ.com, a digital news content provider, reported.

Confrey said that she did not receive any notifications about the removal and there was no explanation provided as to why the group was removed.

She added that in the last 14 days, had flagged certain posts in the group, including some that were regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“People are really, really mad. When you have that many people and they’re shut down, they feel silenced,” nj.com quoted Confrey as saying, adding that she has sent several emails to Facebook asking for an explanation and for the group to be reinstated.

She has also reached out to local legislators.

“It was a lot of work over the past year for a private group to just be shut down without notification.

“Three days before Election Day? That is absolutely appalling. I just think these companies, these social media groups, have too much power.

“They offer to you to open up a group on their social media platform, and you could have 30,000 members, and they shut it down without telling you anything,” Confrey added.
She has started another group on Facebook called ‘NJWT’, which until Sunday morning has more than 8,800 members.

Reacting to the development, Trump took to Twitter where he shared a screenshot of the now-deleted ‘New Jersey Women For Trump’ Facebook page, and said: “@Facebook Put them back now.”

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