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FeaturesPala poori: A sweet tooth's paradise

Pala poori: A sweet tooth’s paradise

Published: 7th Feb 2021 11:53 pm

Pala poori is a sweet, where fluffy Indian bread/ poori dipped or soaked in flavoured milk. It is a traditional dessert, mostly popular in the Southern India. The poori can be prepared with semolina, wheat flour, or white flour. It is a customary sweet in Andhra and Tamil Nadu. This cuisine is offered in Tamil weddings and is also prepared on occasions like New Year, Bhogi, Krishnashtami, Avani Avvitam and Navratri’s as well. Pala poori goes with different names depending on the region like milk poli, paal poli, holu obbattu, poori payasa and also referred to as doodh pak aur poori.

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Milk is reduced and flavoured with poppy’s, nuts, and cardamom and sweetened with sugar. To enhance the taste, it can be garnished with more nuts and saffron. Instead of milk, even fresh coconut milk can be used depending on the taste. This lip-smacking sweet is perfect people with a sweet tooth and can be enjoyed with any meal.

• Serves : 4 Members

• Preparation Time : 30 Minutes

• Cooling Time : 30 Minutes

• Total Time : 01 Hour


• Poppy Seeds: 2 tsp

• Rice Grains: 2 tsp

• Cashews: 10 to 12 no’s

• Almonds: 7 to 8 no’s

• Wheat Flour: 2 cups

• Milk: 1 litre

• Salt: A pinch

• Ghee: 1 tsp

• Fresh Coconut Pieces: 2 tbsp (finely chopped), dry coconut can also be used

• Oil: required for deep frying

• Sugar: 1/2 cup

Method of Preparation:

• To a bowl, add 2 tsp of poppy seeds, (dry roast and add them), 2 tsp of rice grains, and 10 to 12 cashews.

• Add 7 to 8 almonds and soak them for 15 minutes.

• In the meantime, dough can be prepared for the poori, to a mixing bowl add 2 cups of wheat flour.

• Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of ghee and mix them well.

• Add water and knead it into a fine dough, let it rest for 15 minutes.

• Meanwhile, grind the soaked poppy seeds mixture, add 2 tbsp of fresh finely chopped coconut pieces.

• Dry coconut pieces can also be added.

• Boil 1 litre of milk in the pan, let it boil well.

• Add the ground paste to the milk, keep stirring it well.

• Add 1/2 a cup of sugar to the milk mixture, stirring it, boil it until thick in consistency.

• Put off the flame, place it aside for a while.

• Prepare pooris, knead the dough once.

• Take a small portion of the dough mold them into lemon sized balls and roll them into poori.

• Roll them all thin or else they may become fluffy.

• Heat oil in a pan to deep fry the poori’s.

• After rolling them place those on cotton clothing for a while to fry them crisp.

• When the oil is hot enough, drop the rolled poori, fry them on either side until crisp or brown.

• When the pooris are done, dip them in the milk syrup, and serve them.

• If wish to have it crisp, eat them directly after dipping it in the milk mixture.

• If wish to have it soft, soak it for some time in the milk mixture and serve it.

• Yummy, delicious pala poori/ milk poori is ready.

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