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EducationPanda: My paragon

Panda: My paragon

Published: 22nd Sep 2021 6:21 pm

Hyderabad: It was an amazing day! I along with my family had great lunch and watched a superb movie together ” KUNG FU PANDA”. The movie drove me through different emotions, responsibilities and motivated me a lot. To brief, It’s the story about an indolent, irreverent sluggard panda, “PO” who was unexpectedly chosen as a warrior to fulfill an ancient prediction.

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His dream to master in Kung-Fu become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu along with his companions — Tigress, Viper, Mantis, Monkey and Crane– under the superintendence of their guru, “Master Shifu”. The challenges which PO faces to enact in martial arts is hysterical. The movie swings altogether in a different node when Po collects all the courage in himself to fight and win against the vindictive and precarious snow leopard “Tai Lung”.

The movie embraces a new spirit in us when we watch Po transfigure from blundering Kung Fu fan to master in an ecstasy.

The movie helped me understand morals that when hard work and confidence put together, success will no longer be strenuous and also there’s no secret to greatness besides faith in yourself. Isn’t it truly admirable!! Panda has now turned to be my heart’s favorite animal and cartoon.

This made me curious to research more on this cutie animal and I was amazed with the interesting facts about it.

1.Pandas eat for 12-14 hours a day
2.Just born baby pandas are pink in colour.
3.Though pandas are carnivorus mostly they eat fruits and bamboo.

4.Adult pandas grow 900 times of their birth size.
5.Pandas are not threatened but are unprotected species.

Goshike Srikari
CP4, Gitanjali Primary School, Begumpet

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