Science behind Hyderabad’s own cable bridge

Rakesh Chintapalli through his videos in his YouTube channel ‘Scimagine’ talks about various interesting things around the city

By   |  Published: 3rd Nov 2020  6:48 pm

Hyderabad has seen some sudden movement after a long pause due to the pandemic. While on one side was the opening of the city’s first cable bridge at Durgam Cheruvu, which attracted a swarm of visitors, and the other being the city floods bringing distress to many families.

Rakesh Chintapalli through his science videos on his YouTube channel ‘Scimagine’ throws light on how the Durgam Cheruvu bridge was constructed with the help of a mini-model created by him. Also, the Mechanical Engineer explains the hacks of starting a car that was submerged in water.

Having been interested in creating things since childhood, Rakesh shares, “I was not given many toys as a child due to our financial strains back then. So, I started making my own toys and that zeal of creating is still alive in me. The main idea behind making the video on the construction of the cable bridge is to inform people about how it was created, the second being my interest in bringing something related to the current happenings in the city,” says Rakesh who worked 16 straight hours in a day for the video.

“It took me a week to create the model of the bridge. The dimensions were measured with a ‘magic tape’. And, since a sequence of images and videos had to be taken, it took me double the anticipated time.”

So, what’s a magic tape? “It was actually for a catchy presentation. I got the idea from Guardians of the Galaxy’s character Yondu and his magical arrow which he manoeuvres with a whistle. I used the same to my magic tape,” he shares with a laugh.

Apart from making videos, Rakesh is also in the process of making a complete superhero short film without graphics or CGI. “As we know every second of a video has 24 frames, I created each and every frame with 12,000 Light Painted Images and sequenced them in a way that a superhero visual effect generates naturally. Sometimes, it took me more than four hours to shoot and create each second of a video. It took me nine months to shoot and five months to edit those many images and create a video,” he shares.



Rakesh has named his superhero character – LiTron inspired by Marvel Characters. LiTron in the video will be imitating the Superhero Characters like Iron Man, Spiderman, Iceman, Thor, and a few others. He is also trying to make a story around the superhero defeating Covid-19 around the world. The final video will be launched in a month. A behind-the-scenes of the short film can be watched on YouTube at

The 31-year-old, science enthusiast has also released a video on an automatic mask and face shield created by him.

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