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HyderabadSpare a thought for furry friends

Spare a thought for furry friends

Published: 2nd Nov 2021 12:36 am

Hyderabad: Diwali is a day of celebration and having a good time with our family and friends. Unfortunately, it is not the same for our furry friends. Most animals, pets, and stray, find the day very discomforting as noise and air pollution go up. Not understanding the sudden commotion, many animals and birds even get injured trying to save themselves.

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“We first have to understand that the noise from the crackers is not just bad for the hearing of the animal but also causes issues with their heartbeat and stress levels,” points out Dr P Ananth Nag Bharadwaj, a veterinarian from the city.

Dr P Ananth Nag Bharadwaj
Dr Praveen Kumar

He adds, “Most animals, even the pets, get scared and confused. As the stray animals are even more exposed to the noise, they try to find a safe corner and sometimes get injured in the process. If the animal’s fur is caught on fire, it can spread fast. And once the fur is burnt, their skin loses its elasticity.”

Not just the animals that roam the ground, but those who fly also are affected on the festive day.

Dr Praveen Kumar, a senior veterinarian, points out the loud noise can cost the birds their health and life. “Birds generally have a signal they use to find their way back home. However, on Diwali, the signals are lost and they forget their way. Many times, this can be very disturbing for them as other birds of the area might not accept them in their social circle. The same happens to the little ones who forget their way back home. The high decibel of firecrackers hurt the ears of the birds as well,” he said.

Sharing a few tips on how we can make this Diwali a happy one for the animals as well, Dr Bharadwaj says, “All of us can burst crackers in an open field instead of doing it in a society or an area where there are many trees. Keep an eye on people, especially kids, throwing crackers at the animals or near the place where they take shelter. If you are a pet owner, do not leave your pet alone.”

Tips for pet owners:
a) Keep your pets indoors during fireworks displays, and close windows and curtains.
b) You can also switch on the TV or play music to soothe them down.
c) A few days before the festival, you can start giving them homeopathic or anti-anxiety medicine. Do check with the veterinarian before starting the dose.
d) Keep diyas and candles away from your pets to avoid any accidents.
e) Let them settle in their most comfortable spot. Play with them, and treat them with their favourite food.
f) If the noise outside is loud, you can also put cotton balls into the pet’s ears.

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