Wednesday, October 20, 2021


India’s software market sales to reach $7.6B by 2021 end

The India software market was pegged at $7 billion in 2020, registering a growth of 13.4 per cent year-over-year (YoY) compared with that in 2019.

LG Electronics unveils mobile app for pedestrian safety

The Soft V2X, with V2X standing for "vehicle to everything," is LG's smartphone solution for pedestrian protection.

Over 800 NITW students land jobs in top companies

Highest pay package offered is Rs 51.5 lakh/annum, and more than 130 students got a package of more than Rs 20 lakh/annum

Apple announces powerful software updates for the disabled

To begin with, customers visiting Apple Store locations in the US, the UK and France can use SignTime to remotely access a sign language interpreter right in their web browsers.

Siemens to use Google Cloud to improve shop floor productivity

"The potential for artificial intelligence to radically transform the plant floor is far from being exhausted. Many manufacturers are still stuck in AI ‘pilot projects' today, we want to change that," said Axel Lorenz

Intel-powered AI solution to reduce diabetic vision loss

Developed by Sankara Eye Foundation and Singapore-based Leben Care, Netra.AI is a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution and is powered by Intel technology. It uses deep learning to identify retinal conditions in a short span of time.

Adobe Photoshop now runs natively on Apple M1 Macs

The internal tests by Adobe showed that Photoshop delivers significant performance gains across the application for customers using the latest Macs.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon Sound tech for superior audio

"By focusing end-to-end, we are looking to deliver innovations to solve common consumer pain-points across virtually all audio interaction points," said James Chapman, vice president and general manager, Voice, Music and Wearables, Qualcomm.

Microsoft warns customers against new China cyber attack

Called "Hafnium," it operates from China and is attacking infectious disease researchers, law firms, higher education institutions, defence contractors, policy think tanks and NGOs in the US for the purpose of exfiltrating information.

LG to allow other brands to use its smart TV platform

LG said some 20 TV manufacturers, including RCA, Konka and Ayonz, will release TVs installed with its webOS platform.

Teams can now work on same file in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

"Now collaborators can edit a shared cloud document, one at a time. Just save your .PSD or .AI files as cloud documents and send invitations for others to edit them," the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

New Google Chrome update comes without Adobe Flash

Flash reached its official end of life on December 31, when Adobe officially stopped supporting the software. On January 12, Adobe also began blocking content from playing inside Flash.

Co-WIN software will track beneficiaries

Hyderabad: One of the unique features of Covid vaccination drive is the usage of Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN) system, the digital platform. The...

Adobe Flash Player is now history, top browsers end support

First announced in July 2017, Adobe had said to stop updating and distributing Flash Player after December 31, 2020 due to the diminished usage of the technology and the availability of better, more secure options

VMware sues former COO Rajiv Ramaswami for joining Nutanix

VMware alleged Ramaswami breached his legal and contractual duties and obligations to the company.

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