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HyderabadHere are the top IT skills in demand in Hyderabad

Here are the top IT skills in demand in Hyderabad

Published: 27th Sep 2021 11:54 am

Hyderabad: If you are a stack developer or a cloud tech developer or a data analyst or an angular JS developer, then Hyderabad is the right place for you to work. As per a new report by Quess, Hyderabad indicated high demand for the above-mentioned skills with data analytics professionals seeing 40 per cent higher demand. With large and small IT companies setting up their base in the capital city of the youngest State of India, tech jobs are witnessing higher demand.

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In terms of the top 5 digital skills which included cloud infrastructure technology developer, full stack developer, react JS developer, android developer and angular JS developer, Hyderabad stood second after Bengaluru. However, a skill-wise break-up showcased that for full stack developers and angular JS developers both the tech cities – Hyderabad and Bengaluru – witnessed equal demand.

As per the report, the growth in BFSI industry – which occupies a big space in Hyderabad – and migration to platform-based solutions has boosted the demand for AI, ML, IoT experts as well as data scientists and DevOps engineers. In addition, the need to secure the digital assets of the company has increased the demand for cyber security and data encryption services.

Top skills in demand in Hyderabad

· Full Stack Developers — 37%

· Cloud Tech Developers — 26%

· Data Analytics — 40%

· Angular JS Developers – 25%

Vijay Sivaram, CEO, Quess IT Staffing, said, “Today, many factors are at play as they amalgamate to define the next steps of the industry. Experts are calling this period ‘The Great Resignation’, as the unceasing talent surge has disrupted the demand-supply equilibrium, driving organizations to focus on both, talent attraction as well as talent retention.”

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