Monday, October 18, 2021


A true delight for senses

Meet Raunaq Muradia who began a roaring cake business called L'Entremet during the pandemic

This eggless jaggery cake is a healthy bake

Welcome the New Year with the soft, spongy Wheat Flour Cake worth to bookmark special occasions in our life

So here, they make Santa caps, snowman!

The teachers and students of Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills (Feeder School of DPS Nacharam), celebrated Christmas in all its joy and happiness on December 23, on a virtual platform.

Becoming a bird with a beak

Souparnika expressed “wearing a beak and feeling like a bird is happiness. Wish I had feathers to fly, too.”

Santa visits tiny tots, online!

The rich and vibrant festivals of India are a testimony to our diverse tradition and culture.

Li’l ones bake ‘yummy’ cakes

Christmas celebration, at Delhi Public School – Mahendra Hills (Feeder School of DPS Nacharam), was celebrated virtually on the December 23 with great joy.

Children vie to win Rubik’s Cube contest

This programme was initiated by the Chairman and Visionary of DPS Nacharam, M Komaraiah, Director Pallavi and Principal Sunitha Rao.

Different BP reading between arms linked to high death risk

Study is the first to find that the greater the inter-arm blood pressure difference, the greater the patient's additional health risk

Inflammatory compounds in cooked meat can cause childhood wheeze

AGEs compound lock on to particular 'danger signal' cells in the body, which are particularly abundant in the lungs, triggering an inflammatory immune system response

Scientists find novel compound as Covid triggers superbug threat

Researchers have discovered a chemical compound that works with a host's innate immune response to push past cellular barriers that help bacteria resist antibiotics

How to take care of your hands this winter

The beauty expert suggests a few important tips to prevent your hands from getting dry

Why we should chew food?

The physical process of chewing whatever you eat helps break down large food particles into small ones and reduces strain on the esophagus.

Covid fake news can be fatal, govts need to step in: Study

The consequences of misinformation can be fatal, since often during a crisis, people are forced to make snap decisions while trying to take care of their mental health, said the researchers

Covid severity affected by antibodies proportion targeting crucial viral protein

The findings which were published in Science Immunology identifies new links between the course of the disease and a patient's immune response to it

Black to basics

This holiday season, discover stylish ways to rock fashion's favourite shade
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