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HyderabadNow, get a gait analysis done before you buy new shoes in...

Now, get a gait analysis done before you buy new shoes in Hyderabad

Published: 28th Oct 2021 8:54 pm

Hyderabad: Are you looking for perfect running shoes that suit your gait?

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Newly opened shoe retail outlet on Road no 10  in Jubilee Hills, Rapport can help you with that. It will do a free gait analysis to suggest the best fit of shoes.

Gait analysis involves understanding how the foot strikes and leaves the floor with each stride. Since the gait of each person is different, it will help to buy shoes that are suited the gait type. This will help in reducing walking and running related injuries.

“The giat analysis set-up comprises a treadmill, cameras, and a laptop equipped to read data from sensors. A short video, say 20 seconds, of the run on the treadmill in a neutral shoe with little or no cushioning is recorded for analysis,” said Teja Bodepudi, Rapport founder.

The gait analysis gives insights about pronation, which refers to the way the foot rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing.

If it is an underpronation, where the outer side of the heel hits the ground at an increased angle, shoes with high arch work the best as the shock is absorbed through the lower leg. In case of overpronation, where the foot rolls inward excessively forcing the big toe and second toe to do majority of the work, shoes with low arches are suitable. People with both these conditions are prone to injuries that include plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle strain, bunions and heel spurs. People with neutal pronation are less prone to running and walking injuries and shoes with normal arches suit them, he explained.

The new store will also offer made-to-measure leather shoes where the customers can choose the materials. The cost ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 35,000. A 3d image of the foot is created to get the size right. Customers can choose the texture, buckles, sole and other attributes. “The custom made shoes will be made in quality leather,” he said.

Rapport offers a shoe care service too. “There is no professional service offered to service premium shoes. As a result, people prefer buying a new pair instead of repairing the old ones.  We have a now launched a shoe laundry and restoration facility that cleans, repairs, colours, restortes, dries and dyes too. This will enhance the life of the shoes as well as leather accessories,” he said.  

Rapport has launched brands like Aprajitha Toor, Fizzy Goblet, and Cai, that are hit among Instagram models. These so far have been available only through online channels to Indian customers. It also brought Palladium brand for the first time in India at its Hyderabad store. Melissa, another brand available in Delhi, is also brought to Hyderabad, Bodepudi said adding that the store will have top brands in formal, casual and sport segments.

The company has invested about Rs five crore for the store at Jubilee Hills. It has plans to launch four more outlets in the city soon with a further Rs 20 crore investment. Parent company Profit Shoes has been operating for about 35 years and has about 100 stores in Southern States and has annual revenues of about Rs 72 crore. The company now employs about 400 people and will add another 100 in days to come, he said.

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