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HyderabadPot-breaking solution for safe drinking water

Pot-breaking solution for safe drinking water

Published: 11th Oct 2020 12:05 am

Hyderabad: For most households, water purifier with reverse osmosis process has become a basic essential for safe drinking water.

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But not for this resident of Nagole in the city who doesn’t rely on such purification systems as he strongly believes that vital minerals are lost in the purification process.

A strong votary of green technologies, M V Ramachandrudu has come up with a process of his own using three earthern pots to filter the municipal water for the drinking needs of the family.

This civil engineer who has been working with green technologies, for the last 12 years has been using sand, gravel and charcoal in earthen pots to purify the municipal water without causing wastage of water that comes with the filtration process. According to him, sand and gravel wash out bacterial presence in water while charcoal removes bad odour, and what comes out is safe and mineral-rich potable water.

Says Ramachandrudu, “Purifiers do not really provide safe drinking water as the required vital minerals are removed during filtration process. The result is dead water. This prompted me to adopt one of the traditional methods of purifying municipal water using earthen pots, which is completely safe.”

For the past 12 years, his family comprising wife, son and 84-year-old mother have been dependant on the water that he says is purified by the combination of earthern ports. “This water has been keeping my family healthy and none of us have a complaint of hypertension, diabetes or even any water borne diseases,” he says.

Ramachandrudu gets sand and gravel used for construction purpose and along with charcoal, washes them thoroughly at least five times and allows them to dry in sunlight. “The cleaning process gets rid of all dirt presence in the mixture of sand, charcoal and gravel,” he points out.

His water purification system involves three stages in three pots placed one on top of another. Ramachandrudu adds this mixture in first pot, which has a small hole for the water to pass to the second pot, where any kind of dirt presence is collected. The last pot which has a tap is filled with purified water.

“This is a simple method to have clean water. It is important to consume safe water with minerals just like our food with vitamins and proteins,” adds 54-year-old Ramachandrudu.

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