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Make millets part of diet to stay away from diabetes: Experts

Sangareddy: Dr Shankar Babu, an expert on diabetics, has underlined the importance of making millets part of people's everyday diet as a preventive measure...

Bringing millets back to fields, plates

Hyderabad: Vishala Reddy earlier worked in the tourism segment, one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, that did not deter Vishala...

Tata Consumer Products to sign MoU with IIMR to strengthen R&D in millets

Hyderabad: Tata Group company Tata Consumer Products (TCP) will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Millet Research (IIMR)...

Millets are coming, move over maida

According to Kumar, as per market studies about seven billion cups of packet noodles are consumed yearly in India.

Consuming millets can reduce cholesterol: Study

The study showed that consuming millets reduced total cholesterol by 8 per cent, lowering it from high to normal levels in the people included in the studies

People consume millets to overcome health problems: Survey

The survey showed that improving health and wellness, weight loss and taste were the top reasons for those consuming millets in urban areas

Healthy Eating: Carbohydrates Vs Proteins

Every food group has a main nutrient in common and serves the same nutritional needs.

From weight loss to strong bones, health benefits of millets

Calcium (Ca), one of the essential macro minerals, is needed in relatively large quantities in the diet to maintain good overall health.

Hyderabad: Apollo Hospitals add millets to patient menu

The hospital group has added millets in the regular diet of patients, apart from making them available for patient attendants, staff and doctors in the canteens

Hyderabad goes for healthy, wholesome ‘Laddubox’!

Lately, a large number of Hyderabadis have been making the switch to these healthy laddus made with the goodness of ghee and jaggery and without artificial colours and preservatives

Telangana ryots rely on paddy this Yasangi

Good spells of rain in past few months resulted in 49% excess rainfall for Yasangi crop season.

Farming activity gains momentum in Nalgonda

Officials estimate that the total area of cultivation would be nearly 4,32,090 acres in Nalgonda

Embark the Millet Express

Join a healthy gourmet journey as humble yet tasty superfood makes a comeback

Millet Finder: Magic of millets draws global attention

The “Millet Finder,” launched recently, discovered a surge in the use of millets, with over a thousand modern convenient products in a very wide range

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