Friday, January 28, 2022

Nehru Zoo

Pharma firm adopts lion at Nehru zoo

Hyderabad: Manohar, an African lion at the Nehru Zoological Park, was adopted by a Miyapur-based company, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Limited for a period of...

Safari at Nehru Zoo to reopen soon

Authorities to resume services with better crowd management, strict adherence to Covid norms

Ostrich at Nehru Zoo adopted for a year

VVL Subhadra Devi, the curator of Nehru Zoological Park thanked Rao for his contribution of Rs 50,000 and informed that it will take care of the Ostrich for one whole year.

Asiatic lioness, crocodile adopted at Nehru zoo

Tina Naveen Jain adopted the Asiatic lioness named Devasena for a period of three months making a payment of Rs 25,000.

Teenager adopts peacock at Nehru Zoo

Class 10 student, Meghana visited the Zoo Park along with her family members and offered to adopt a peacock on her birthday for a period of two-months

Hyderabad: Bird watchers visit Nehru Zoo

Zoo curator, VVL Subhadra Devi, briefed them about the bird watching etiquette and the team members identified around 90 bird species including grey-bellied cuckoo and Asian brown flycatcher

Nehru Zoo sees dip in footfall

Officials attribute it to drop in tourists from other States despite introducing safety measures

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