Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pallavi Aware International School

Pallavi Aware Int’l School: Soaked in Janmashtami fervour

The little students dressed up as different characters from the epic of God Krishna.

World Photography Day celebrated at Pallavi Aware International School

Students informed the audience about the significance of the day and how cameras and photography document memorable moments for a lifetime

Pallavi Aware Int’l School celebrates India’s 75th Independence Day

Students of pre-primary and primary had dressed up for a fancy dress show, dressing up as the great leaders and heroes of Indian National.

Pallavi Aware International School: Collective efforts will save Earth

Environmental safeguard specialist Nandini Choudhury informed the audience what we, as an individual, can do to prevent drastic climatic changes.

Pallavi Aware International School embraces diversity

The event was organized to celebrate diversity and emphasize the importance of unity in diversity, especially in a multicultural country like India.

Bonalu: Pothu Raju entertains virtual audience

The event began with the singing of slokas, invoking Kali Ma and asking for her blessings.

Pallavi Aware International School: Creator of Tom and Jerry remembered

students of Class VIII of Pallavi Aware International School organised a programme and paid tributes to William Denby Hanna oh his 111th birth anniversary.

Pallavi Aware Int’l School: Need for developing multi-skills stressed

The students went on to enlighten the audience about the significance of different soft skills and ways to improve them.

Pallavi Aware International School celebrates English Week

For students of classes, I to III, multiple rounds of Spelling Bee Competition was organised, giving a chance to the students to brush up their vocabulary.

Pallavi Aware students emulate yoga instructors

On International Yoga Day, Pallavi Aware International School held a school-wide event in which students spoke on the importance of practicing yoga every day

Pallavi Aware Int’l School remembers martyrs on Shaheedi Diwas

A video was played showing the life story of Guru Arjan, his struggles, and his significance to the Indian martyrdom.

Pallavi Aware International School: Doing their bit to save nature

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year to remind people about the importance of nature.

Pallavi Aware International School: An emotional farewell to seniors

Teachers and students shared their memories as well.

Pallavi Aware International School: Ramzan conveys message of compassion

Muslims fast during Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

Recognising the contribution of firefighting experts

The campaign ended with a quiz competition on the theme.

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