Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pallavi Aware International School

Pallavi Aware International School celebrates English Week

For students of classes, I to III, multiple rounds of Spelling Bee Competition was organised, giving a chance to the students to brush up their vocabulary.

Pallavi Aware students emulate yoga instructors

On International Yoga Day, Pallavi Aware International School held a school-wide event in which students spoke on the importance of practicing yoga every day

Pallavi Aware Int’l School remembers martyrs on Shaheedi Diwas

A video was played showing the life story of Guru Arjan, his struggles, and his significance to the Indian martyrdom.

Pallavi Aware International School: Doing their bit to save nature

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year to remind people about the importance of nature.

Pallavi Aware International School: An emotional farewell to seniors

Teachers and students shared their memories as well.

Pallavi Aware International School: Ramzan conveys message of compassion

Muslims fast during Ramzan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

Recognising the contribution of firefighting experts

The campaign ended with a quiz competition on the theme.

Students of Pallavi Aware International School discuss labour movement

A mono-act was then performed demonstrating the fact that the working class lays the foundation of a country and that laborers’ rights must be upheld to ensure the smooth working of the country.

World Veterinary Day: Understanding humans and wildlife coexistence

The World Veterinary Association has declared the theme for the World Veterinary Day 2021 as “The Veterinarian Response to the Covid-19 Crisis”.

Students of Pallavi Aware International School rock at Graduation Day fete

The event 'Utsav – The Celebration of Life’ started with a welcome dance and song.

Pallavi Aware Int’l School: Teaching kids about healthy food choices

Dr Anindita spoke about the nutritional requirement of school-going children and the ways to achieve them

Students hail Hyderabad’s cultural diversity

Students celebrated Hyderabad through dance, music, skit, artwork and a virtual city tour, which included Charminar, Tank Bund, Ramoji Film City, Salarjung Museum and other places of importance

Pallavi Aware Int’l School: More participation of girls in science needed

Principal Sudeshna Mairal in her address appreciated the increasing participation of women and girls in all walks of life and urged all the students to let their scientific temper continue.

World Cancer Day: Awareness is key to fight cancer

Pallavi Aware International School, Saroornagar commemorated the day with an informative skit, inspirational poems, and other events displaying the message to show a positive attitude.

Spandan, a creative fest to bring out inborn talent of students

The entire shoot of the movie has been wrapped up and post-production work is under way.

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