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‘Verey Level Untadi’ team connects with fans through social media

Published: 13th May 2021 4:44 pm | Updated: 14th May 2021 12:08 am

Hyderabad: The digital world has become an inseparable part of human existence now, but using the technology in the right way will definitely give better opportunities for all. Meet the team of ‘Vere Level Untadi’, who are using social media to prove themselves.

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Making videos and posting them on social media is very common these days. But ‘Vere Level Untadi’ team had different plans on mind, which helped them stand apart from others. Anita Arumugam, Vijaya Kumar Kate, Sai Kumar, Sai Kumar Nayak, Shyam Pal, and Leeksha Maalya may have been staying in different cities but they have one thing in common — the group of six got together to start ‘Vere Level Untadi’ on Instagram, and they stay in touch constantly through WhatsApp.

Using Moj app, they kept shooting videos with their smartphones and posting them online. The videos not only became viral in a short span but also got them opportunities in movies and web series.

‘Vere Level Untadi’ team members had their own share of popularity on TikTok besides dedicated followers and when the app got banned, they came together to create the Instagram page.

“It’s our passion and dedication towards what we were doing individually earlier that brought us together on to a single platform. Though we never met before, we always had that bonding on TikTok. After it was banned, we started using an Indian app called Moj and recently we have also started uploading the same videos on Instagram too,” says Anitha, who works for BSNL.

Shyam, a farmer by profession, started making videos in his free time. “I have started it for fun, but after watching the response, I took it a bit serious and started working on making more creative and interesting videos. People started recognising me and appreciating my attempts and that helped me gain some confidence in terms of what I chose to do,” he shares.

Vijay, on the other hand, says he started using TikTok in 2019 which got him good recognition. And it’s not just followers but also opportunities from the film industry. “I have been offered two movies and three short-films so far, and I’m happy about that. Apps like TikTok and Moj not only give us a chance to create interesting videos for fun but also a better opportunity for many people to showcase their talent,” concludes Vijay.

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