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EntertainmentWill this search for groom end in ‘Happily Ever After?’

Will this search for groom end in ‘Happily Ever After?’

Published: 30th Oct 2021 6:45 pm

Hyderabad: This two-hour love story pleads for pace and push. A linear narrative of boy-meet-girl love story leaves only that much space for imagination considering that every permutation and combination has been tried and tested. This time around, it is visibly laboured and yawn-filled. The film is high on style quotient and very pleasant on the eye. It is not often that one sits watching a Telugu film where the cast is pleasantly attired and are not hurting your ear drums with shouts and screams.

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The cast, too, is mixed in their talent. Further, the length of the roles notwithstanding, the character actors who normally are the support props – as they continue to be here too, steal the thunder from the protagonists. Murali Sharma as the girl’s understanding dad, Ram Mohan, and Nadhiya as the desperate mother is search of the groom stand out not for powerful but endearing performances.

The comic relief that comes from Pammi Sai and Saptagiri in the later part of the movie is also worth mentioning. While Saptagiri is his usual loud self, raising a few laughs, it is Pammi Sai in slow motion that raises the bar. Himaja is cast as Selfie Sarala – a role that has contemporaneous relevance and she delivers the typical irrelevant side-kick role with sincerity, as does Vennela Kishore.

Same may be said of Praveen who has nearly as much screen presence as the hero. Ritu Varma as Bhoomi is central to the film and, in fact, has a role more powerful than the hero and she fails to capitalise. There is a dull dead pan look that passes off as anger and a vague blank look that goes in the name of sorrow and rejection. When it comes to romance, it looks nearly matronly.

What must be said in her favour is she has made good choices in terms of fashion, and her wardrobe is envious and full of grace in that part of the film where she adorns saris. She keeps her accessories simple. Matching her and sometimes even better is Nadhiya.
Naga Shaurya, in the main lead role, has gone to the right gym, and the right tailor. He has got even his colour combos right and pleasing. In his next outing, he will surely invest on emoting too. However, he is graceful and believable in the context of Telugu heroes.

Bhoomi is a tough nut. Too tough .She is obviously inspired by aunt Agatha. I would believe that such characters exist only in cinema but for the fact of running into a tough task master who wears rude attitude on the sleeve without need or justification. A better actor would have left the audience a tad more convinced and interested. Here, it looks every bit a command performance.

The contrasting character in Akash, played by Naga Shaurya, who plays the subdued guy with the usual talent of being capable of wooing, dancing, thrashing and discourse is sincere. The main stay is the subtle Murali Sharma and the extremely talented Nadhiya who defies her earlier popular roles with ease and grace.

If you have an eye for good clothing and good art direction, and do not mind a languid tale of love, watch this movie.

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