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Is Korean series ‘Squid game’ inspired from Bollywood film ‘Luck’?

Published: 5th Oct 2021 8:02 pm

Hyderabad: The new Korean drama squid game is pretty much similar to the 2009 Bollywood film Luck, say netizens. The survival thriller, Squid game is a nine-part television series that revolves around destitute characters, who are lured into playing simple children’s games to win the jackpot; moreover they die, if they fail to solve the games.

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No sooner did the series got released on Netflix, B-town fans took to twitter, started drawing comparison between the two, saying that the series is an elaborate version of the movie, which stars Imran khan, Shruti Hassan, who made her Bollywood debut with the movie, and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles.

Apparently, the movie ‘Luck’ has a similar plot where a mafia leader gives a group of people a chance to change their fortunes by offering a huge sum of money betting on deadly games.

Here goes what twitterati have got to say about Squid game, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk

Much to our surprise, the Squid game series also stars Indian actor Anupam Tripathi, as one of the lead characters. The actor based out of South Korea, revealed that said he was familiar with the language, as he had spent 10 years in Korea as a student and a theatre actor, a news website reported.

With the film becoming a viral hit, even the former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, tweeted about the Squid game, “that he can’t wait to watch it.”

His tweet reads, @ReedHastings and Ted Sarandos and the team at @Netflix get it right so often. Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy, and they’re making it work. Impressive and inspiring. (And I can’t wait to watch the show.)

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