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TelanganaJagga Reddy slams party leadership

Jagga Reddy slams party leadership

Published: 24th Sep 2021 5:36 pm

Hyderabad: Sangareddy MLA and senior Congress leader Jagga Reddy expressed his displeasure with the party leadership in the State, stating that if he decides to shift loyalties to some other party, no one can stop him.

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“I am continuing in Congress only because of ethics and my sincere liking for Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi,” Jagga Reddy said, speaking at a meeting of the Congress Legislature party in the State Assembly premises on Friday.

“A single leader cannot become a hero in the party. I too have my own following in the State and can organise a public meeting with two lakh people in attendance without party support,” he said, adding: “Left with no choice, I am venting my ire with the media.”

Expressing serious concern over the State of affairs in the Congress, he said there was no coordination among party leaders. “There has to be some protocol. How can the party leadership finalise the schedule for two months of programmes without discussing issues with MLAs and senior leaders?” he questioned, and slammed the State leadership for not providing an opportunity to former Minister J Geeta Reddy to speak at the recent Gajwel Dalit Dandora.

Lamenting that the lack of coordination among party leaders was such that Geeta Reddy was not even aware of a cricket match apparently organised by the party in Zaheerabad, Jagga Reddy said he too is not kept informed about party programmes in Sangareddy.

“I don’t understand whether it is a Congress party or a private limited company. Even before Revanth Reddy became TPCC president, I was MLA for three terms,” Jagga Reddy said.

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