Friday, January 21, 2022


Don’t fall prey to lottery fraudsters

Never click on short links sent through email/SMS: Experts

University of Oslo becomes rising preference among Indian students

By Ajaya Kumar Vemulapati As educational horizons broaden, Norway has become a top destination for Indian students, and for good reason — with its exceptional...

Short URLs come in handy for cybercrooks

They use this trick to swindle money from your bank accounts

Destination USA: Federal student aid for US citizens

The student must be a US citizen with a valid Social Security Number and prove his need for financial support to get funds for...

Destination USA: Experience distance learning programmes

Several institutions offer part-time courses that require occasional on-campus attendance

Online dating, an easy path to land in trouble

Fraudsters are highly sophisticated, use relationships to extort money

Work part time while studying in the United States

Better understanding of CPT and OPT options for international students

Ensure WFH a better place for productivity

Keep yourself organised, set digital wellbeing boundaries: Experts

Breaking or Protecting: All about Deathloop

A review of the just released action-adventure game, a timed exclusive

Work options for international students in US

Those holding F-1 visa are eligible to work only on campus

Digital Wellbeing approach for teens and adults

Need to empower all with knowledge and tools to be safe in digital space

Radhika is the greatest devotee of Krishna

Lord gets attracted to pure devotional energy of transcendental goddess

Checklist for UG transfers in US institutions

Students should carefully go through eligibility criteria and policy on transfer of credits

Know how to keep cybercriminals at bay

Develop awareness strategies to stop them to steal data, say experts

Undergraduate transfers in US varsities

It should be planned at least 12 months in advance of the programme start date
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