Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Know all about Right to Privacy, Aadhaar

By Anil Rachamalla Privacy is a Fundamental Right to Life and Personal Liberty under Article 21. Now-a-days both companies and states have violated...

Postdocs play important role in US higher education system

Postdoctoral fellows contribute to ongoing research and also have the opportunity to pursue their own research

All you need to know about the ‘Omicron’ Covid variant

The new variant B 1.1. 529, which was designated as a 'Variant of Concern' by World Health Organisation on Friday night, has been assigned...

Seeing India through modern art

By Ankita Talreja As artists embarked on journeys to explore the country, they were inspired to capture the landscapes, sceneries and culture of people on...

Watch out for ransomware attacks

Have methodologies to gauge risk posed by fraudsters

Apathetic governance, agonised farmers

Not buying parboiled rice in Yasangi effectively means not buying a single grain from Telangana this season

Destination USA: All about EducationUSA programme

Hyderabad: We would like to open our column today by thanking our readers for joining last week’s International Education Week (IEW) celebrations hosted by...

Educate children on ethical use of internet

Gone are the days when teens and pre-teens socialised on playgrounds and communities. Now social networking platforms, messaging rooms, virtual worlds and blogs are...

Join celebrations of Education Week-2021

US Consulate General-Hyd, United States-India Educational Foundation together celebrate the success of US higher education system From Nov 15-19

Know about ‘Right to be Forgotten’

What if you were caught and filmed by the traffic police for drunk driving and the photograph posted on online platforms? What if an...

Dravid’s appointment welcome development

By Vijay Mohan Raj The news of Rahul Dravid taking over as chief coach of the Indian team has been welcomed by all concerned. At...

Be a trustworthy social media influencer

By Anil Rachamalla Social media is a powerful means of freedom of speech and expression, as it has been a voice for many voiceless...

Destination USA: Short-term study enhances professional qualification

A lot of students these days are interested in attending short-term study or exchange programs in the United States during summer break or over...

All you need to know about Cyber Defamation

By Anil Rachamalla Publication of defamatory material against another person with the help of a computer or the internet (social media or messaging channels...

Everything you need to know about SEVIS

All international students have to pay SEVIS fee prior to their scheduled student visa interview
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