Friday, January 21, 2022

Prof K Ashoka Reddy

KITSW holds workshop for programmers

Warangal: Learning calculations using Matlab and hands-on practice to write programming helps to develop programming skills, said Principal Prof K Ashoka Reddy. The department...

Making B Tech students job-ready: KITSW

Warangal: Stating that only 4.6 per cent of engineering graduates possess good coding skills according to a survey, KITSW Principal Prof K Ashoka Reddy...

Warangal: Utilise library resources, KITS students told

Warangal: The central library of the Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Warangal (KITSW), celebrated the 54th National Library Week programme on the college...

KITSW offers BTech Honours

Warangal: Every student has specific abilities, interests, and career goals and wishes to enhance his/her academic learning experiences. Similarly, employers also look for graduates...

Workshop on Green buildings held at KITSW

Warangal: The Department of Civil Engineering (CE), Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Warangal (KITSW) is working towards ensuring that the students are industry-ready...

KITSW holds workshop on Machine Learning

Warangal: The Department of Information Technology (IT), Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Warangal (KITSW) organised a one-day workshop on ‘Machine Learning' for the...

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 held at KITS Warangal

KITSW Principal Prof K Ashoka Reddy, who inaugurated the run, urged students to make physical exercises and yoga daily activities in their lives to keep themselves physically and mentally fit

200 people attend online Yoga session organised by KITSW

Warangal Urban: The Student Activity Center (SAC) of the Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal, (KITSW), on the occasion of the International Day...

KITSW faculty gets Best Woman Scientist Award

Dr Banavath Dhanalaxmi received the “Best Women Scientist Award” for her research contribution in the area of Image Processing from Novel Research Academy.

AICTE sponsored FDP concludes

Warangal Urban: Prof K Ashoka Reddy, principal of Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science (KITS), Warangal, and Coordinator of an AICTE-sponsored two-week Faculty Development...

Student Activity Centre inaugurated at KITSW

Rajya Sabha MP and KITSW Secretary and Correspondent Capt V Lakshmikantha Rao, KITSW Treasurer P Narayana Reddy conveyed their wishes to the new team

KITS Warangal to hold national tech fest

The event will be held for two days from December 11 said KITSW Principal Prof K Ashoka Reddy

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