Tuesday, December 7, 2021

United Nations

Pallavi Aware International School students highlight UN and its roles

United Nations Day is commemorated on October 24 every year, marking the day United Nations (UN) was established in 1945. To honour the role...

Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow

Hyderabad: What do you think is essential for man’s existence? It is food. Though the word food is called differently in different languages, cooked...

PM Modi invites vaccine manufacturers across the world to ‘make in India’

United Nations: Mourning the loss of lives lost due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday reiterated India's commitment to...

Editorial: Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Ravaged by prolonged wars and now under the control of Islamist group, Afghanistan is on the brink of collapse, economically and socially. The global...

‘Networking is crucial to success’

Business influencer Raj Shamani was all of 16 when a personal liability forced him to take on the responsibility of a family-run soap business....

War lost Battle won

As the US called curtains on its ‘forever war’ and evacuated its last soldier, it left behind a country in a complete mess. Even...

United Nations voices concern over situation in Yemen

Noting that six years of war "overshadows everything" in the Western Asian country, UN Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffith on Monday told the Security Council meeting on Yemen that the war "grinds on"

KTR questions UN over Afghan crisis

Hyderabad: Expressing concern over the crisis in Afghanistan, Industries Minister KT Rama Rao questioned the United Nations over its lack of intervention. The Minister tweeted:...

Haritha Haram: Eco-club launched for green mission

The yearlong activities conducted as part of the initiative culminated on July 5.

This Hyderabad woman cop takes challenges head on

Inspector Padma Palle shares her enriching, empowering UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan

FAO names TS official for global seed conference

Food and Agriculture Organization of UN has nominated Telangana State Seed and Organic Certification Authority Director K Keshavulu to serve in the scientific advisory panel at FAO global seeds conference

Covid impact: 160 million children pushed into child labour

The report warns that globally, 9 million additional children are at risk of being pushed into child labour by the end of 2022 as a result of the pandemic. 

World Environment Day 2021: Theme, history and significance

In 1972 after discussions on environment-related issues during the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, the United Nations Assembly established World Environment Day.

Traditional farming to help end global hunger

Sustainable heritage agriculture could be an answer to the problem of global food security.

Uyghurs going under

Massive crimes against the Uyghurs are in focus as Western nations and human rights groups take on an unyielding China

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