Sunday, October 17, 2021


Pulihora: A festival treat

The flavourful, tangy and delicious rice is prepared in various styles depending on the region.

Posting food images on Instagram may not satiate you

Surveys have suggested that almost 70 percent of millennials those born in the eighties and nineties regularly share images of food before eating it.

‘Star Vs Food’: Nora Fatehi serves Morocco on a plate!

Being one of the participants of the food show 'Star Vs Food Season 2', Nora cooked two dishes and shared her best memories of Moroccan food and culture and her love for Indian cinema.

Have you ever tried the ‘Butter Chicken Golgappe’ yet?

Hyderabad: Experimenting with bizarre food combinations is quite gutsy. Well, increasing migration over the years has led to a very interesting amalgamation of varying...

Savour this AB(solute) treat in Hyderabad

As soon as you enter the restaurant you will be enamored with how huge the place is – a seating capacity of 132 guests.

Humble idli gets a tasty medley

From tawa idli to cheese idli to butter idli, this must-figure in most breakfast buffets has come a long way.

Hyderabadi dentist turns ‘Dr Foodie’ on Instagram

Hyderabad: While most dentists are busy mending their patients’ teeth, this orthodontist from Hyderabad has also gained thousands of followers on Instagram by reviewing...

Watch: Cadbury recreates their 90s iconic ad to celebrate womanhood

In the previous advertisement, a woman ate a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk while watching a man, presumably her boyfriend, bat during a cricket match.

Zomato to stop grocery delivery service from September 17

The company also said that it believes that its investment in Grofers will generate better outcomes for its shareholders than in-house grocery efforts.

Fusion food is the trend now!

While a lot of us ventured into the kitchen for the first time in the pandemic, some people took experimenting with food to the...

UK restaurant has a quirky job offer

Potatoes are an all-time favourite vegetable. And what if you could be paid for tasting some roasted potatoes? Yes, it sounds bizarre but a...

Hello Tempayy, a protein source for vegans

Hyderabad: A high protein diet with enough liquids and green vegetables is the usual prescription from nutritional experts for a health living. However, unlike...

Tempayy to tickle vegan’s taste buds

Hyderabad: A high protein diet with enough liquids and green vegetables is the usual prescription from nutritional experts for healthy living. However, unlike non-vegetarians,...

This samosa came with a serial number, pics go viral 

Well, it was this same craving that dwelled into a man called Nitin Misra.

This ‘conical’ pizza has left foodies surprised

Well, we have always known pizzas to be flat with a lot of delicious toppings. But, did you ever imagine a pizza in the shape
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