Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is Hyderabad’s most ordered dish, again!

Hyderabad: Soft, succulent pieces of chicken coated with masala is added to layers of rice along with other spices and cooked on slow heat...

Gastronomical delight for delegates at TRS plenary

Hyderabad: The lunch for delegates participating in the plenary session of the TRS at Hitex on Monday was an impressive spread that included Hyderabad's...

Bored of regular Hyderabadi Biryani? Try these varieties

Are you bored of eating regular Hyderabadi Biryani and want to try some different varieties? A little twist now and then surely wouldn’t harm. In that...

Woman IPS officer in soup after ‘free biryani’ order

In the undated video-clip, the officer is ostensibly heard ordering chicken biryani, mutton biryani for her husband who loves it, besides prawn masala, and some fried fish, through her unidentified orderly.

Feeding 190 stray dogs with chicken biryani

Ranjeet Nath has been cooking nearly 40 kilograms of biryani daily since the onset of the pandemic. He feeds around 190 stray dogs.

Celebrating the spirit of Ramzan

Novotel Hyderabad Airport will provide prayer mats and the hotel’s in-house essence for prayer

A biryani per second, home meals most loved on Swiggy in 2020

The chicken biryani reaffirmed its place as India's favourite dish. For every veg biryani, there were six chicken biryani orders.

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