Thursday, January 20, 2022


Sport plays a vital role in enhancing personality

The younger generation is aware of requirements that involve physical and mental preparation

US remains popular destination for Indian students

High quality education, global recognition, flexibility, and exceptional reputation of the US higher education system has continued to attract students from around the world to pursue their ‘study in America’ dream

India and English language

We need to question our approaches to English and know what suits our thought process and way of life best

Beast behind beauty

Given the severe impact plastic waste from the cosmetics industry has on our environment, its own eco-friendly makeover is urgent

Overcome challenges of work from home

Remote working is a win-win situation for both employee and the organization. But it also poses security and privacy threats

Hunger Pandemic

Mitigating food loss and waste in the post-harvest phase and on plate is critical to having enough to eat for all

US Polls: Where Twitter, FB are forced to ban political ads

Facebook makes lot more money than Twitter on political advertising, so the stakes for that are much higher for them, says Contributing Editor of Politico Magazine

Nobel Novelties

Here’s what this year’s laureates did to expand the frontiers of science, knowledge, humanity and hardwork

Belarus on the boil

President Alexander Lukashenko, Europe’s last dictator, holding fort for 26 years now, could be consumed by the rising cauldron of protests and economic problems

A Midnight Dreary

As we grieve, experience loss and get mired in melancholy over the recent incidents, like Poe’s Raven, there is only one response: Nevermore

Why is Hyderabad safer on air pollution front

Government of Telangana's pet initiative of Haritha Haram cannot be ignored for the tremendous results in mitigating air pollution
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