Monday, December 6, 2021

Guinness World Records

Meet the world’s oldest identical twins alive

The Guinness World Records has now recognised two Japanese sisters who are now certified as the world’s oldest living identical twins at 107 years...

UK Man’s ‘brain’y idea to feature in Guinness World Record

Having been spotted on streets of England in his full-body brain costume, a few police officers of St Helier Township Policing Unit clicked a picture with him and also posted on Twitter. 

Japanese man breaks records with his longest shout

As per the record’s statement, the longest shout, now featured as a Guinness World Record, lasted a whole 61.53 seconds.

Watch: Woman breaks 100-mile treadmill record with prosthetic leg

The passionate runner has now bagged the record for completing the ‘fastest 100 miles on a treadmill – in a span of 21 hours 43 minutes and 29 seconds.

Taeil Moon reaches 1 mn followers on Insta in less than 2 hours

Taeil Moon launched his personal Instagram account with the name – mo.on_air on July 6, and his fans flocked to Instagram to follow Taeil leading to breaking records as he reached seven digits worth of followers in the fastest time.

This brick is a Guinness World Record holder

The clay marvel got a mention in the book for being 3,000 times the size of a standard brick

Grace ‘Cancer Run’ gets Guinness recognition

Hyderabad: City-based Grace Cancer Foundation has received recognition from Guinness World Records for its virtual ‘Cancer Run’ held on October 10. The records acknowledged by...

Hyderabad: Guinness recognition to virtual ‘Cancer run’

The records were for accruing ‘Most live viewers for a female health awareness lesson on YouTube as part of Cancer Awareness Drive’ and for ‘Most videos of people running/ jogging uploaded to Facebook in one hour

Dubai to unveil world’s largest fountain on Oct 22

The Palm Fountain will have 20 bespoke shows with five different shows running daily between sunset and midnight.

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