Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Kairos kids shine at Maths Championship

Hyderabad: A glittering felicitation ceremony was hosted by Kairos International School Principal Krishna Sri recently to felicitated the winners of the Junior Maths Championship...

Procrastination, an excuse or unresolved trouble?

Reasons that lead someone to procrastinate may be due to underlying factors of self-regulation, and can also be viewed from a neurological perspective

Gitanjali Vedika: Devotion, creativity, fun at Ganesh Chaturthi

Student from grade 6 made an impressive statue of Lord Ganesha using only turmeric powder.

Delhi Public School: Literary activities organised to mark Hindi Diwas

Hyderabad: Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills virtually celebrated Hindi Diwas for a week. Various literary activities were organised for students of all classes. Students...

Special kids’ echo for eco-friendly Ganesha

Festivals bring us together, break the monotony and give us a chance to rejuvenate our mind and spirit. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of...

Educator Maria Montessori remembered

Hyderabad: Delhi Public School, Nadergul celebrated Montessori Day on August 31 commemorating the birth anniversary of educator Dr. Maria Montessori. Children were engrossed doing...

State Scan: The Weekly Roundup!

Telangana Telangana State Women's Commission Chairperson V Sunita Laxma Reddy said the Commission would conduct awareness programmes for school children as part of measures to...

Kairos Int’l School: Skits organised to mark Literacy Day

Hyderabad: Kairos International School celebrated International Literacy Day virtually on September 8. A literary assembly to put light on the importance and the significance...

Students of Gitanjali Vedika convey gratitude to teachers through poems, music

The students expressed their adoration and gratitude towards their teachers through poetry and music as art expresses what the soul feels.

Delhi Public School: Strengthen democracy through participation

Hyderabad: Democracy has its origin in ancient Greece. The word is derived from “demos” meaning people and “kratia” meaning rule which is rule by...

Pallavi Model School: Book review competition calls for adventure

The event had the strong and inspiring support of school chairman M Komaraiah and principal Shailaja Reddy, vice-principal Sindhu Jayraj and middle-block head Pooja Saxena along with her enthusiastic team, the school asserted.

Gitanjali Vedika: New student council invested

The festivities were made memorable by the concourse of dignitaries, parents, students, and teachers.

Delhi Public School: Teaching kids good table manners

The creative kids had fun designing the mats with their favourite art.

Learning through antics, anecdotes and memories

Every morning brought with it a new challenge to be overcome, yet there was never a tedious moment at any point of time.

Literary events, cultural programme mark Hindi Diwas

Students showed enthusiastic participation and showcased their literary talent by presenting a programme to commemorate the day.
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