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#HumFarkNahiKarte campaign by Pathkind is heartwarming

Published: 27th Jun 2021 2:01 pm

Hyderabad: We need a healthcare system that provides access to every one of us, no matter our gender, or how poor, old, or sick we may be. Pathkind Labs, one of the fastest growing diagnostic laboratories in India, promises to provide services to people without any discrimination. Their latest ad campaign in this Pride Month shows how it’s important to not discriminate anyone based on their gender.

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#HumFarkNahiKarte by SG Dream Media and directed by Garv Bhardwaj centres around a phlebotomist working for Pathkind. Done with his day’s work, he buys a cake to celebrate his daughter’s birthday with his family waiting back home. That’s when he gets a call from work to collect an urgent sample. As he heads for the sample collection, he finds some transgenders residing at the home.

He then gathers the sample of a little girl with caution, not enabling the child to detect the needle’s prick. Through a conversation with a trans woman, he is shocked to find out how the child’s mother and father abandoned her at a railroad station for being transexual. Finally, he hands the child the cake he originally ordered for his daughter’s birthday. The concept of the ad is too heartwarming and shows us the importance of little acts of kindness.

Watch the ad here:

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