Hashtags that speak louder

Bournvita continues to win hearts with its adverts which throw light on some crucial issues

By Author  |  Published: 14th Mar 2019  7:33 pm

Be it Cadbury, Coca-Cola, or Google, it goes without saying these giants have some seriously creative minds working behind the adverts. Ads — some warm and some cute but all of them tug our heart strings. And Bournvita is one other company that brings out some of the most relevant ads for this day and age.

The latest couple of ads from Bournvita have certainly addressed the two of the most spoken, yet not acted upon, issues — exam pressure and women’s health. The ad which talks about the exam pressure comes with the hashtag #lookbeyondmarks.

Must say, this year’s #lookbeyondmarks is much warmer and heart-touching than the one that came out in 2018. Comparing the dissatisfaction of adults for not having choice of clothes to the lack of career choices for kids has certainly done the trick in triggering the thought.

And the advert that was released on the occasion of Women’s Day addresses the fact of how Indian women neglect their nutrition. Though, it has received a few negative comments for being fake. However, the message is being received well by the public.
And, as we all know, Bournvita’s heart is in the right place!